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Greenwich College - A Registered Cambridge International Examinations High School Greenwich College - A Registered Cambridge International Examinations High School Greenwich College - A Registered Cambridge International Examinations High School

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About Greenwich College


Greenwich College was established in 1998. We were first situated at 4 Main street, Bordeaux and as we grew our search to find and move to a bigger property started. This was achieved in November 2004 when we found our school in Bryanston, Johannesburg, South-Africa. Then started the search for another property which could accommodate sports, in 2018 we found just such a property at 212 Voortrekker Road, Monument Extension 1, Krugersdorp. We are currently working on expanding and building more classrooms as the college grows from strength to stregth.


The college strive to offer students an alternative to the South-African schooling system that is Internationally recognised. The Cambridge system better prepares students for University life and studies and the education received through us are acceptable for entrance to Universities worldwide. We are therefor able to accomodate students locally and from other parts of the world whose parents may be in South Africa on a working contract for a few years, i.e. Embassy Staff, as the student can continue with the same syllabus and system when moving on to another country.


Greenwich College has a proud record of students who have gone on to local and overseas Universities, becoming top achievers in faculties of Medicine, Engineering, Commerce and Law amongst others.


We follow a four term academic calendar similar to the South-African school terms so as to accomodate families with siblings in other schools. Our fourth term are utilised for the Cambridge International Examinations which takes place from the start of October until mid November.


The college has a relaxed atmosphere and utilizes a unique structure to ensure  that attendance and progress in studies are met, without being regiment. Feedback to parents is a big factor in this approach, which is not intended to require more from parents but to make them aware and encourage their child.

Lecturers & Classes

All our lecturers are highly qualified and experienced in their field and the study material offered by Cambridge is of a very high standard and endorsed by Cambridge for the set Examinations. This enables students moving from other schools to adapt easily to the new system. Our well equipped laboratory has excellent facilities making learning interesting and stimulating for all Science sturdents

Our classes are kept small to ensure individual attention and the early detection of any problems experienced by the student.


Registration documentation can be obtianed from the admissions office during the year or via email,